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Rational Living Solutions

Resources for healthy thinking and a happier and more productive life.

Rational Christian Living

Faith based solutions for everyday problems. 

A truly rational person understands that speech determines behaviors, behavior determines thoughts, and thoughts produce emotions. When the three match, you are happier and more content with your life. When they do not match the conflict produces fear, uncertainty and people pleasing behaviors. Eventually, the personality is affected and the sufferer is seen as a rude, insincere, hypocritical person. Rational Christian Living (RCL) can help you to reverse this cycle and become the best you that you can offer.

RCL is hosted by Bishop Eugene Waters. Bishop Waters is a retired counselor, trainer, and radio show host who launched and led multiple ministries and contracted with Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit groups, and educational institutions to deliver quality services to families in the Greater Chicagoland area. Today he helps others apply rational Christian living principles to their lives. 

Practical Business Practices

Tools and techniques for solving business problems.

Hosted by Dr. Evonne Waters, Practical Business Practices (PBP) is for health care providers, non-analysts, and managers who want to understand business problems and take action. 

Evonne Waters is a doctor of business administration, certified project manager, registered nurse, and Six Sigma Master Black Belt with extensive experience helping others improve their business processes.  

Contact us to learn more or enroll in classes or attend groups.
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